Did it really Happen?Join us for week 2 as Bruxy explores the question of whether we can know if the Jesus of Nazareth we find in Scripture was a real historical figure. Are miracles in the Christmas story a good reason not to believe it? Bring a friend and join us for coffee at 9:45 this Sun!
Join us for our Christmas Eve Gathering on December 24 at 5pm. There will be hot chocolate and Christmas baking between 4:30 and 5. There will be carol singing, and together we will explore the theme: God is with us. God is with us! Declares the Christmas story. God is with us? Is what we ask in the messiness of our lives. Have you seen the news? How could this be true? We'll have a fun evening together!
"A church for people who aren't into church"

West Lake Community Church

West Lake Community Church is a place to Belong, Grow and Serve.

Sunday services at 10 AM, features a time of musical worship followed by teaching from The Meeting House.

Kids programming, called Kidmax, is offered during our morning service following our music worship time.  In Kidmax we believe in creating safe spaces for infants to grade 5 to learn to love and follow Jesus.

Please check us out!